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Free Website Transfer Centre

Free Website Transfer Centre

Easily move your files, databases & email

Need a little help moving your site to Cloud Next? We will transfer your website and email to your Cloud Next account for free. We manage the process from start to finish and will migrate all data from your current host to your Cloud Next account - no loss of data & no downtime. If your site uses a MySQL database then we will move this for you as well and update your site settings to point to your new MySQL database.

  • Website Transfers
  • Email/Mailbox Transfers
  • WordPress Transfers
  • No Data Loss
  • No Downtime
  • Free with All Hosting

Easy & hassle free transfer process.

Hosting Order

1) Hosting Order

Our Website Transfer Service is available for both new and existing orders. Ensure you have added the domain you are looking to transfer the site for and allocated it to a hosting space in your account. This is available for all platforms.

Request Transfer

2) Request Transfer

From the Website Transfer tool in the Website Transfer Centre of your Account Control Panel request the transfer. This will then be processed and your data transferred. Email migrations can be managed from StackCP.


3) Done!

Your website, databases and email will now have been transferred to Cloud Next securely and seamlessly. Now enjoy fast, secure UK based SSD hosting! Don't worry, our support team are available 24/7 if you have any questions.

Direct Transfers



Provide your login details to cPanel/WHM and we can migrate an individual or multiple websites automatically into our hosting platform. If you login to cPanel at, the hostname is "".



Transfer your site from your Plesk server with ease. With your Plesk server hostname, username and password we can move one or more sites direct from Plesk to our fast and secure platform hassle free.



We can transfer your WordPress site in two ways. Provide us with your current hosts FTP/SFTP details or your WordPress dashboard login details and we can get your WordPress site transferred quickly and easily.



If you can provide your Fasthosts API credentials, we will be able to automatically move your website files and databases to our hosting platform. We can then assist you with the migration of your email if this is required.

Heart Internet

Heart Internet

Moving from Heart Internet to our hosting platform couldn't be simpler. We simply require your API login details and we can automatically move individual or multiple sites over, at this stage we can also migrate your email accounts as well if required.

FTP Transfers

FTP Transfers

Need help moving your files/folders from your current host? Use our automated FTP transfer tool to quickly and easily move all files/folder to your Cloud Next hosting space leaving you time to focus on other things.

Transfer from any other hosting provider.

123 Reg
Heart Internet
UK Fast
Krystal Hosting
TSO Host
Webhosting UK

As Standard & Guaranteed

Website Transfers

Website Transfers

We can transfer your website from any provider. All we need are the FTP details - we then take care of it. We can transfer individual or multiple websites depending on your requirements. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Email & Mailbox Transfers

Email/Mailbox Transfers

Our seamless email migration ensures all of your email is transferred swiftly and smoothly. We can transfer any IMAP mailbox from your current provider to our server and this would include any folders within the mailbox that you have setup.

WordPress Transfers

WordPress Transfers

We do a lot of these! Simply provide your dashboard login details or FTP details and we'll take of everything else. The transfer will update all paths and database settings to our platform so you don't need to update any of these settings.

No Data Loss

No Data Loss

We have completed thousands of transfers. All data is copied across with no data loss. Your existing site and hosting will remain untouched and we will not remove any data from there. Once completed you can cancel with your previous provider.

No Downtime

No Downtime

Once your data has been transferred, point your domain to us and you are live! As your data has remained untouched with your previous provider any propagation means your site will remain online. DNS propagation can take up to 24 hours.

Free with All Hosting

Free with All Hosting

Some providers charge - we don't! Our Website Transfer Service is free and as standard on all packages. Once completed you will then also be able to activate the free wildcard SSL certificate available for all sites.

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Website Transfer Centre FAQs

Find answers to the frequently asked questions about our Website Transfer Centre. Do you have a question that isn't listed? Get in touch.

No, your original data will still be intact after the transfer.

Yes, any email in your cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Heart Internet or Fasthosts accounts will be transferred as part of the transfer process. Additionally any mail clients configured with mail.domain.tld will continue to work. Email is not transferred when migrating a WordPress site using FTP or the dashboard login details.

Transfers are typically very fast. When you first start a transfer it will show as Queued; the average queue time is just a few minutes but during busy periods can be longer. No further action is required on your part and the interface will update as soon as the transfer begins. Once started, the amount of time a transfer will take to complete depends on the amount of data and number of mailboxes to transfer. The average time is around 30 minutes. You’ll receive an email informing you when the transfer is complete.

We do not transfer any domain names or modify/clone DNS, so once the transfer has completed you can test the website, and then change the nameservers to Cloud Next and (optionally) transfer the domain in.