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Email Hosting

Personal & Unique, Email Hosting

Secure, Business-class Email

Flexible & Expandable Mailbox Limits

Included with All Hosting

Easy & Unlimited Email Migrations

First Month £1 - No Minimum Contract
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Email Access

Access from anywhere

From our secure online webmail accessible from any browser, to your local email client or phone, access your Cloud Hosted emails from anywhere. Access from Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail and from your iOS or Android mail clients or any Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla setup.

Using IMAP you can synchronise your mailboxes across multiple email clients and devices - access your important email wherever you are, at any time. Windows, Linux, tablet, phone or desktop we have you covered!

Our support database and user guides as well as our use of Auto-discover technology means your mailboxes are easy to get setup and using quickly and painlessly. All email is encrypted using TLS for security and privacy.

Present a professional first impression when providing someone your email address to contact you. Rather than a generic, or, you can have

Have different email addresses for everybody in your business as well as for different departments., - the choices are endless and entirely up to. All email also comes with Autoresponders, Email Forwarders, 'Catch All' Address Support and Email Subaddressing (Plus Addressing).

Personalise your email address from over 600+ domain extensions. Find your perfect domain name from .abogado to .xyz and everything in between!


Email scans

Anti-virus, Anti-spam

Any emails or forwarders which are sent and received are subject to advanced anti-virus protection and anti-spam filters.

These filters are fully configurable so selected senders and domains can be allowed to bypass the content filter. The same goes with blocklists - you can create and manage your own from our control panel.

Whenever we reject a message for a known virus, known spam characteristics or blocklisting, the message is returned to the sender so the sender knows the email has been rejected.

Email Scans

Unlimited FREE email migrations from your current host. Let us move your email! Hassle free and no downtime.

Unlimited FREE email migrations from your current host.
Let us move your

Migration Centre
Email support

Email support

Setting-up email may have been quite technical in the past, but now Cloud Next make it painless. Our email migration tool makes it simple to move your email and mailboxes to us.

If you still need help, our in-house friendly UK support team are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions.

Email deliverability

When you send an email you want to make sure it is delivered. Our excellent mail server reputations ensure that the email you sent is delivered. This means you can be sure when you email Microsoft, BT, Google or any provider your email is delivered.

Our anti-spam measures ensure that our email servers reputation is kept as well as deploying DNS tools to ensure deliverability:

The Sender Policy Framework helps to prevent spammers sending messages that appear to come from your domain. We maintain an SPF record in the DNS that is kept up to date with all IP addresses used to send email from our network.
The DomainKeys Identified Mail system will apply a digital signature to outgoing email. The recipient's spam filter can check that the email is authentic by querying the domain in the DNS, and verifying that digital signature.
Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, is an approach at stopping or reducing email spam and phishing attacks. The DMARC specification is based around existing email authentication using SPF or DKIM.
Email deliverability
Email Filters

Fully configurable email filters

  • Set server-level Inbox rules/filters
  • Control the level at which junk mail is filtered
  • Block email from a whole domain or TLD
  • Block email from a particular email address
  • Accept all mail (even junk mail) from certain senders

Email plans

All of our hosting plans include email hosting. Find the right plan for you.

Hosting Plan Number of Mailboxes Mailbox Size Monthly Price for Hosting & Email
Web Hosting
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Up to Unlimited Up to 10 GB From £4.99
First Month £1
WordPress Hosting
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Up to Unlimited Up to 10 GB From £4.99
First Month £1
Reseller Hosting
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Unlimited 10 GB £23.99
First Month £1
Managed VPS
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Unlimited 10 GB From £19.99
First Month £1

10 GB not enough? You can increase your mailbox size by further 10 GB increments at a cost of £14.99 per additional 10 GB, per mailbox, per year.

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Email Hosting FAQs

Find answers to the frequently asked questions about our Email Hosting. Do you have a question that isn't listed? Get in touch.

Yes. If you don’t want to use an email web client, you can use our webmail. It has all the same functions as the best email clients and works perfectly on desktop, mobile and tablet.

We have a simple, all-in-one email migration tool that will migrate your existing email and folders from your current host to ourselves - fast and secure with no data loss.

Our email has a great spam-free reputation and we want to keep it that way. It is not intended for mass commercial emails to hundreds of thousands of recipients. We would recommend that you use a commercial email provider for that. However, we are very generous with the number of emails we provide - more than enough for normal use.

No. Your email is kept separate from your hosting. If your email is busy, it will not affect your website, and if your website is busy, it will not affect your email.

Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

100% Green Hosting Provider

Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Our green credentials mean the practices and policies we follow ensure your sites are greener and together we reduce the cost of hosting on the environment.
Green Hosting
Green Energy

Green Energy

We are one of the first hosting providers to be Powered by 100% Renewable Energy; not just carbon offsetting. This means a direct relationship between our datacentre's and the power they use to ensure it is from 100% renewable sources.

Green Ethos

Green Ethos

Our ethos and green credentials provide you with the knowledge that when you have your hosting with us, you are in a small but very important way helping to battle climate change. Our team have the opportunity to enrol in a Cycle to Work Scheme and we operate a Paperless Office.

Green Data Centre

Green Data Centre

PuE (Power usage Effectiveness) is the ratio of the energy used by our Data Centre against the energy used by our Data Centre to deliver its services. The PuE is higher for more inefficient Data Centres and our PuE is on average 1.12 (very efficient).