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Web Hosting
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Business Class Hosting
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Reseller Hosting
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Business Class Hosting
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  • 1 to 12 CPU / 1 to 40 GB Memory
  • 50GB to 2TB HDD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Business Class VPS
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Why Choose Cloud Next

Super-fast page load speeds reliable servers, 24x7 UK support and world-class data security.


Our high-speed UK based network with direct connections to several exchanges and servers with the very latest Intel technology ensure fast processing and response times for our hosting with super-fast page loading speeds.


Our hosting is built using cloud based architecture with distributed resources and no single point of failure to create a robust platform with built in redundancy to keep your website up and running no matter what happens.


Our team of technical, friendly, and helpful hosting experts are based in the UK and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help you with any issues you may have, no matter how big or small they might be.


We have harnessed the power of cloud technology allowing us to provide better service levels and more powerful hosting at an extremely competitive price. This coupled with our unique additional hosted domain feature allow you to expand seamlessly.


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