Timeline Backups
Timeline Backups

Let us Manage your Website, WordPress & Reseller Backups

All website data, all databases and all mailboxes backed up daily, accessible any time with on-demand snapshots. Your data backed up securely.

Timeline Backups

Your sites, databases & mailboxes backed up

Our fully automated Timeline Backups tool takes full snapshots of all sites, databases and mailboxes each day. These Timeline Backups are stored for 30 days (sites and mailboxes) and 60 days (databases), so you can restore back to a previous point in time. You can also take a snapshot on-demand at any time. It gives you peace of mind, and it’s one less job for you to do!

  • All Data Backed Up
  • All Databases Backed Up
  • All Mailboxes Backed Up
  • 30 Day Website & Email Mailbox Backups
  • 60 Day Database Backups
  • On-demand SnapShots

Timeline Backups are available on our Linux, WordPress & mVPS platforms across our Premium, Advanced and Reseller packages. Upgrade from the Home package at any time to access your 30 day site and mailbox backups and your 60 day database timeline backups.

As Standard & Guaranteed.

All Data Backed Up All Data Backed Up
Our daily backup backs up all data in the hosting space of every single hosted site. Every folder and file is backed up and available to either restore as a snapshot of that time to replace the existing site or restored to a folder of your choosing in the hosting space.
All Data Backed Up
All Databases Backup Up All Databases Backed Up
Every day all of your databases are backed up - whether you have 1 or 1000. You can action a timeline backup restore at any time of the database to the existing database, a new or different database or to a file in your hosting space.
All Databases Backup Up
30 Day Backups 30/60 Day Backups
All your site data and mailboxes are available for 30 days and your databases for 60 days. The daily backup of your data and databases are restorable from any day in that time period. Peace of mind that you can action a timeline backup restore to any of these points in time at any time.
30 Day Backups
On-demand SnapShots On-demand SnapShots
Take an on-demand snapshot of your site and databases at any time for a specific date/time of your choosing. Performing a major upgrade? Take an on-demand snapshot before you do this so if things don't go to plan you can simply restore back to that point.
On-demand SnapShots


Even more backup solutions

Do you want to take a backup of your site and download it to your device? Our Backup/Restore tools lets you do exactly that. Take a backup of your files and/or databases to download locally. You may want a backup locally for peace of mind or use it in your own development environment.

Use the same tool to restore a previously taken backup. When restoring you can: Delete all files and restore the zip file, Recreate missing files only or Uncompress all files into a temporary directory. Of course your database backups can be restored as well.

All backups and restores are logged for your records and can be viewed at any time.

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