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24/7 UK support for any questions or issue you have - no matter how big or small! You have complete control over all aspects of your Cloud Next account to put you in full control. We are dedicated and passionate about support.

24/7 In-house UK Support
From our professional support team

24/7 UK Support

Here when you need us

We provide 24/7 UK in-house support from your Account Control Panel with our support ticket system.

Our secure support ticket system allows you to contact us with any queries or issues you are having at any time. Our fast response times (generally within minutes) mean a faster resolution to your query.

There is no limit on the number of support tickets you can have open or the number of times you contact us. Simply make contact anytime you have a question, a query or if you are experiencing an issue you need help with. Our team of experienced and enthusiastic support agents will be able to help.

First hand customer testimonials and reviews.

Our Customers
  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    Perfect hosting and support.
    As always, instant response from support and incredibly helpful. Thank you.

    Marty G | January 2022
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  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    Fantastic service
    Fantastic service - can't recommend highly enough. Responsive when you need to ask questions and friendly, easy to understand replies. My experience with a previous provider was arduous - raising ...

    V Brown | March 2021
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  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    I would highly recommend them
    I have been with Cloud Next for just under a year. All the services you would expect from a web hosting company are available. But, the most important one for ...

    ADS Removals | May 2021
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  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    I now host all my sites with them
    I now host all my sites with them. Amazingly quick tech support and very little downtime for any of my sites. Thoroughly recommended.

    Mr Glen S | November 2023
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  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    Out of the Frying Pan? Absolutely not.
    After moving my website to Cloud Next from my previous web host today (Sunday) I encountered what I could imagine was going to be a frustrating error. I submitted a ...

    Eric M | September 2023
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  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    Excellent customer service.

    Sue D | October 2023
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  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    Fast and efficient
    Fast and efficient service with friendly people.

    Simon | May 2022
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  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    Support is expert and extremely...
    Support is expert and extremely responsive

    Sizwe M | February 2023
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  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    No need to look elsewhere!
    I have been using cloud next for more years than I can remember and their service has always been what sets them apart from the rest! Typically any issues I ...

    Si J | October 2023
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  • 5 Stars Trustpilot

    My queries were responded to very quickly
    My queries were responded to very quickly and the team kept trying until the problem was resolved. I felt genuinely supported.

    Andrea J | September 2023
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Account Control Panel Gallery

Your Cloud Next account control panel portal to manage your account, access and order hosting/domains and contact our 24/7 in-house UK support team.

Support Overview
View an overview of your support ticket correspondence
Contact Support
Contact support 24/7 with any questions or queries
Update Support Ticket
Update your support ticket to our UK support team

Complete & total payment management. You're in control.

Advanced Notification

Advanced Notification

We notify you in advance by email of all upcoming renewals for your account. There may be a domain name you no longer require and this notification ensures you have time to cancel this.

Manage Renewals

Manage Renewals

View all of your packages and domains, their renewal date, renewal period and renewal price in one place. Manage the Auto Renew status (on or off) giving you complete control.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Manage all of your payment methods from one place. Choose which payment method you have for each service and add/remove these as required and choose your primary method.

Payment Methods

A variety of choice

We accept payment from all major payment providers. This includes VISA, Mastercard, American Express (AMEX) and PayPal.

If you are looking to use an alternative payment method, get in touch and our sales team will be more than happy to assist.

Support Database

Support Database

Detailed guides and articles to the questions you have

Our support databases contains articles and guides of the most commonly asked questions and requests. These include guides on a how to configure your mailbox on your iPhone to how to use our Malware scanner on your hosting space.

The support database is split into a number of categories such as 'Email', 'WordPress', 'Your Account' etc, as well as being fully searchable.

Don't worry, if you can't find the information you are looking for in the support database, our in-house UK support team are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have. The support database can be accessed from your Account Control Panel.

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