Cloud Next and Cloudflare

Cloud Next is excited to be a Cloudflare partner. Cloudflare is a performance and security solution that protects and accelerates over 5,500,000 websites around the world.

As a Cloudflare Certified Partner, we're providing all of our valued customers the ability to enable Cloudflare's free plan across their websites. Once your website joins the Cloudflare network, you’ll notice considerable performance gains and protection against a range of online threats.

To start using Cloudflare, simply login to your Account Control Panel and contact our support team who can get this setup for you.

Using Cloud Next with Cloudflare Benefits

Free SSL Certificate

Encrypt communication to and from your website using SSL. This includes Automatic HTTPS Rewrites that helps fix mixed content by changing "http" to "https" for all resources or links on your web site.

Improved Speed & Caching

Manage performance settings for your website. This includes Auto Minify, Enable Accelerated Mobile Links, Rocket Loader for Speed and Cache Purging, Browser Cache Expiration and Always Online for Caching.


View performance and security statistics for your domain. This includes Requests, Bandwidth, Unique Visitors, Threats and Rate Limiting.

How does the Free SSL Certificate work?

For all customers, we will now automatically provision an SSL certificate on CloudFlare's network that will accept HTTPS connections for your hosting. The certificate includes an entry for the root domain (e.g., as well as a wildcard entry for all first-level subdomains (e.g.,,, etc.).

The free SSL certificate from Cloudflare defaults to a Flexible SSL mode, which means traffic from browsers to CloudFlare will be encrypted, but traffic from CloudFlare to your Cloud Next hosting will not be. We strongly recommend a paid certificate on your site so traffic is fully encrypted end to end.

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